Stafford Bandlow Engineering (SBE), a Division of WJE, is a professional consulting and design firm specializing in electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic systems for movable bridges and other heavy movable structures. Our in-house personnel has experience on hundreds of movable bridges and heavy movable structures nationwide, as well as in Canada, Belize, Bermuda, and Italy.

Our experience encompasses virtually all aspects of mechanical and electrical systems for movable bridges and other heavy movable structures.  We are routinely involved in design of new systems, rehabilitation of existing systems, shop inspection, field inspection, preparation of procedures for machinery installation, strain gage testing for bridge balancing, electrical testing and construction support services.  Our experience includes both highway bridges and rail bridges and we are knowledgeable in the governing AASHTO, AREMA, and CHBDC standards.  In addition, we provide troubleshooting of problematic conditions and emergency call out services.

Movable bridges include:  bascule (trunnion and scherzer), swing (center bearing and rim bearing), vertical lift (span drive and tower drive), and specialty bridges (floating, Strauss, Brown, Abt, etc.).

Heavy movable structures include: dam gates, ferry slip bridges, aerial ladders, cranes and special structures.

Stafford Bandlow Engineering is a leader in providing value-added engineering services.

Our emphasis is on finding practical solutions to real problems while maintaining the integrity and safety of all equipment in our charge. We are committed to establishing a lasting relationship with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through the innovative and professional quality of our work.

Stafford Bandlow Engineering delivers projects on budget and on time.

As an industry leader, we take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day. We have performed services in both prime and sub consultant supporting roles to larger engineering firms, construction companies, and independent owners such as railroads and municipalities. Our emphasis is on finding practical solutions to real problems while maintaining the integrity and safety of all equipment and systems in our charge.

Our Clients Say…

“It’s been great working with your team on the Keating Channel Bridge project. Your staff was always available at any hour to take my crazy phone calls to get things finalized and they were great, as always to deal with. An excellent example of the fine engineering that we have so often seen from Stafford Bandlow Engineering, A Division of WJE!”

“We can’t thank you enough for bringing your engineering “A” team on board as soon as we contacted you and working through this tricky lowering procedure with all the unknowns! It was certainly a pleasure to work with you on the Keating Channel Bridge project.”

“I just wanted to pass along what a great job Yang is doing getting the Hood River Bridge recommissioned. Just outstanding attention to details.”

“Thank you, John, Paul and all those from your office who worked on this project for all of your help.  You did a great job and it was a pleasure working with your staff.”

“I highly recommend Paul’s firm. They are a full-service movable bridge designer and owner or contractor’s movable bridge consultant. They are highly respected in the industry and have all the capabilities including machinery [mechanical], electrical, and system (PLC) integration, besides the counterbalancing and strain gage testing. I have dealt with this firm for the past 14 yrs…”

“…they have an excellent reputation as one of the leading movable bridge consultants in North America. I was pleased to read that Paul Bandlow, one of the firm’s principals, was personally involved in the Johnson Street inspection work.”

“Stafford Bandlow, always 15 minutes early with a note pad ready to go!”