The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. . .  Stafford Bandlow Engineering provides a full complement of engineering services to support heavy movable structure projects, from inspection to design to field construction support. ALL of our engineers are provided exposure to ALL phases of heavy movable structure projects. Not only does this lead to well-rounded engineers, it also provides the know-how necessary to meet our clients’ needs whether owner, contractor, designer, fabricator or installer. The goal of a well-installed, functional, cost efficient project should be shared by all project parties. We provide the know-how to make it happen. In addition, our clients have access to the full suite of engineering, architectural, and material laboratory services of our parent company Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (


Whether it’s the design of a new movable bridge or the design of movable bridge components, it all starts with the conceptual approach and philosophy of the design team.


Successful rehabilitations depends on identifying and repairing or replacing deteriorated components without compromising the integrity of the remaining structure.


Complete and thorough inspections are essential to the long-term reliable and safe operation of a movable bridge.

Span Balancing

Our engineers have extensive experience performing dynamic strain gage and hydraulic pressure balance testing with demonstrated results.

Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI)

Staying on schedule and within budget saves time and money in the long-run, for both the bridge owner and contractor.

Construction Support

Staying on schedule and within budget is imperative to the success of a construction project and Stafford Bandlow Engineering can help.

Emergency Response

Stafford Bandlow Engineering mobilizes on-the-fly to support our clients during malfunctions and failures.

Wire Rope Inspections

Technical expertise to verify integrity and loading, to ensure proper handling during installation and to ensure proper installation.

Heavy Movable Structures

Mechanical, electrical, and hydraulics engineering expertise for the successful operation of heavy movable structures.