2018 Hurricane Florence Response

Norfolk Southern 2018 Hurricane Florence Response (New Bern, NC)

Type: Swing Span
Location: New Bern, NC
Client: Norfolk Southern Corporation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering staff responded to an emergency callout from Norfolk Southern to provide support in recovering and returning the Trent River and Neuse River swing span railroad bridges to service following Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Both swing spans are located in the vicinity of New Bern, NC which was a focal point of the hurricane during which both bridges were subjected to high water and flooding.

SBE personnel developed a procedure for actions to make the electrical systems operational for both bridges following the severe storm. This was followed by SBE providing field assistance and support for the implementing of the developed recovery procedures and work plan. SBE personnel provided assistance in evaluating and remediating water damage to the main (electric) and auxiliary (diesel generator) power and control systems. SBE directed the steps to initiate bridge operation after the remediation was completed and each bridge was returned to service on a temporary basis within a week. SBE provided a report documenting a comprehensive list of continued repairs to harden the electrical power and control systems at the bridges and return them to a fully functional condition.