Angleton Sub MP 305.45

Angelton-Sub-MP-305.45-Brazoria (County, TX)

Type: Tower Span Vertical Lift
Location: Brazoria County, TX
Owner: Union Pacific Railroad
Client: American Bridge

Stafford Bandlow Engineering, A Division of WJE (SBE) provided construction engineering services for the replacement of the swing span in Union Pacific Railroad’s Angleton Subdivision at MP 305.45, 3.6 miles south of Brazoria, TX with a new tower span vertical lift bridge where both railroad and marine traffic were interrupted for as little time as possible.

SBE assisted the contractor with developing the procedure describing the sequence of machinery installation and alignment and the means and methods for confirming and documenting acceptable alignment. SBE provided assistance in the field implementing this procedure and directing field alignment to ensure that the bridge was operational for marine traffic within the allowable six-day marine outage. SBE also performed main counterweight rope tension measurements, directed main counterweight tension adjustments, performed strain gage balance testing, directing any needed adjustments to meet the specified tolerances.

In addition, SBE provided operating machinery indexing procedure and live load support equalization procedure and assisted with this work in the field as well as providing testing and field oversite during simulated ice and wind load strain gage and amperage testing. As part of the simulated load testing work, a real time display of operating machinery loads at each shaft and in total was provided to confirm that machinery loads did not exceed acceptable limits at any time during the tests.

The bridge was put into service in July 2018.