Babson College Globe

Babson College Globe (Babson Park, MA)

Type: 28’ Diameter Globe
Location: Babson Park, MA
Client: Babson College

Located on the campus of Babson College, the 28’ diameter, 25-ton Babson College Globe that was originally engineered to rotate on its own axis is a historic heavy movable structure that is undergoing a yearlong donor-funded restoration.

Stafford Bandlow Engineering (SBE) performed a mechanical inspection of the support and operating machinery of the globe. The operating machinery is provided to both rotate the globe about the trunnion (rotating machinery) and also to rotate the trunnion and support structure to simulate the movement of the Earth as it orbits the sun (orbiting machinery).

The inspection, which was limited to the mechanical systems and photo documentation of the electrical systems, was to assess the existing condition of the globe machinery, develop a recommended scope of work to rehabilitate the globe to restore operation, and provide budgetary cost estimates for completing the rehabilitation.

Due to the lack of original design or shop drawings, the College implemented the rehabilitation using the design-build approach where the SBE and contractor are working together to develop the means and methods to disassemble the mechanical systems and develop the requirements for the new components. SBE has also been providing ongoing engineering support services for the relocation of the globe and subsequent mechanical and electrical rehabilitation.

The globe was moved to a temporary location on campus and once the rehabilitation is complete, will be relocated to the new Centennial Park with construction expected to be completed in summer 2019.