Boynton Beach Bridge

Boynton Beach Bridge (Boynton Beach, FL)

Type:  Double Leaf Trunnion Bascule
Location: Boynton Beach, FL
Florida DOT

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel provided mechanical engineering services for this new double leaf bascule bridge from inception through completion.  Services included development of a Bridge Design Report and preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates for the design of all machinery and construction services. 

The design features two mechanically independent span drive systems that were necessitated by substructure design.  Rolling element trunnion bearings were selected to minimize friction and maintain a compact machinery package that would fit in the available substructure envelope.  The span drive machinery was designed to be modular in concept to facilitate ease of installation.  The rack pinion assembly, secondary reducer with integral brake and motor brake, and motor and primary reducer were shop assembled prior to shipment to the bridge.  The alignment in the field was then limited to mating the rack and pinion and aligning two couplings.

Our design provided complete details of all mechanical components including the critical design of all base plates to ensure proper support for all mechanical components.

Construction services for this project were extensive and included partnering meetings, review of shop drawings, approval of machinery installation and alignment procedures, shop inspection, oversight of critical machinery alignment, approval of the entire mechanical installation prior to startup and strain gage balance testing.