Burlington Canal Lift Bridge

Burlington Canal Lift Bridge (Hamilton, Ontario)

Type:  Tower Drive Vertical Lift
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Owner:  Public Works and Government Services Canada

SBE personnel have been involved in a number of projects on this large vertical lift bridge for the past several years.  We have worked for both the owner and for a contractor as part of a rehabilitation project.  A brief description of some of our services is provided below.

SBE personnel have conducted numerous annual inspections of the mechanical and electrical systems including the preparation of comprehensive reports.  As part of the inspection work, we identified the source of repeated coupling element failures and suggested and implemented the required corrective actions.  The corrective actions eliminated the coupling element failures.

SBE personnel have provided bridge balance analysis using the strain gage method on multiple occasions and have measured the wire rope tensions in the main counterweight ropes using the fundamental frequency method.

SBE personnel prepared plans specifications and cost estimates and then provided construction support services for a new span lock system that actively seats the movable span.  This system was developed to eliminate a span seating issue that resulted in one or more corners of the bridge not seating firmly.    This work included integration of the span lock machinery into the bridge control system.  The new span lock system functions as intended and the span seating issue has been eliminated.

SBE personnel oversaw the complete inspection of one of the span drive differentials with all work conducted by contractor personnel.  The work included the match marking of all components, complete disassembly of the differential, various measurements to determine wear, replacement of the main differential bearings, reassembly and functional testing.