Columbus Road Vertical Lift Bridge

Columbus Road Vertical Lift (Cleveland, OH)

Type: Span Drive Vertical Lift
Location: Cleveland, OH
Owner: City of Cleveland

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel provided engineering services for all phases of this bridge rehabilitation project, from inception through completion of construction. The project initiated with a scoping inspection of the mechanical machinery and electrical systems to determine their suitability for continued long term service and compliance with current AASHTO code requirements. The inspection was followed by preparation of a comprehensive report that included a condition assessment of the bridge, rehabilitation alternatives and associated cost estimates. All of this work was closely coordinated across disciplines with the engineers responsible for the rehabilitation of the structure which required major rehabilitation of the lift span towers and complete replacement of the lift span.

The new mechanical design provides for complete replacement of all span support machinery (counterweight sheaves and bearings, counterweight ropes and terminations and live load supports), span drive machinery (motors, brakes couplings, shafts, speed reducers, operating ropes, and deflector sheaves) and span locks (motor, speed reducers lock bears guides and receivers). The objective of the mechanical design was to maintain the historic character of the structure from a visual perspective while significantly reducing maintenance requirements and improving overall system efficiency.

The new electrical design provides for complete replacement of the bridge electric utility service, new standby generator service, control system including all field feedback devices and replacement of traffic gates and traffic barriers. Control system technology utilizes relay interlocking with a Programmable Logic Controller for system monitoring including capability for remote monitoring and diagnostics. The span drive system utilizes digitally controlled variable speed motor drives.

Construction services have included complete yellow line review of all shop drawings, review of RFI’s, shop inspection of all mechanical fabrications and field inspection of machinery installation to ensure compliance with project requirements and objectives.