Connecticut Department of Transportation Biennial Inspections

CTDOT - Biennial Inspection

Type: Swing, Bascule, Rolling Lift, Vertical Lift, Brown Bascule
Location: Various
Owner:  Connecticut Department of Transportation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel have performed mechanical (including hydraulic) and electrical inspections on seventeen of the movable bridges owned by the State of Connecticut including the railroad bridges operated by Metro North Railroad and the Providence and Worcester Railroad.  The bridges range in type and vintage.  The various types include rim bearing swing, center bearing swing, trunnion bascule, rolling lift, Strauss types, vertical lift and a Brown bascule bridge. Some of the bridges are new within the past several years while others date to the early 1900’s.

The inspections have included cursory, semi-in depth and in-depth inspections.  SBE has also provided inspections at the completion of construction of three separate structures to verify that the installations conformed to the contract documents.

Electrical services provided as part of these inspections have included functionality testing, verification of adequacy of safety interlocks, insulation resistance testing “megger”, voltage profile and voltage regulation testing, load current measurement and recording of all electrical drives, analysis and preparation of comprehensive reports.

Mechanical services provided as part of these inspections have included gear tooth measurements, bearing clearance measurements, coupling alignment verification, evaluation of mechanical integrity, functional testing, strain gage balance testing and drive analysis, and preparation of comprehensive reports.

Through the course of this project, SBE has also worked with State and Contractor personnel on an emergency basis to return one bridge to service after it was disabled due to component failure.