Mechanical and Electrical Inspections of Various Bridges

BNSF - Various Inspections

Type:  Swing, Rolling Lift, Vertical Lift
Location: Various
Owner:  BNSF Railway

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel have conducted hundreds of mechanical and electrical inspections for movable bridges including railroad bridges of all types.  The level of inspections has varied from cursory to in-depth as well as focus inspections of particular components.  The inspections have been conducted as part of routine maintenance programs and to identify the source of operating problems and have involved the routine inspection of at least 9 BNSF movable bridges.

Each inspection was completed in one day with the assistance of railroad maintenance personnel.  The inspections were primarily visual in nature with limited measurements and no disassembly of machinery components for inspection of internal wearing components.

Following the inspections, comprehensive reports including an executive summary, description of the bridge, findings, conclusions, photos of deficiencies and recommendations for corrective actions were submitted to BNSF Railway.