NS Bridge CD182.30

NS Bridge CD182.30 (Cleveland, OH)

Type:  Span Drive Vertical Lift
Location: Cleveland, OH
Owner:  Norfolk Southern Corporation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel provided an in-depth inspection and analysis of the primary support components of this structure to determine the existing condition, anticipate the remaining life and to determine the suitability of the primary support components for continued service. The inspection findings revealed extensive deterioration of the support components which necessitated corrective action to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the lift span.

SBE provided rehabilitation plans and specifications that included machining of the main counterweight sheave trunnions, replacement of the sheave trunnion bearings and replacement of the main counterweight ropes. SBE provided on-site construction support throughout the duration of the construction period. When machining revealed fatigue cracking in the main counterweight sheave trunnions, SBE provided design and procurement services to expedite the replacement of all of the main counterweight sheave/trunnion assemblies.