Norfolk Southern System-Wide Inspection of Movable Bridges

NS System-Wide Inspection of Movable Bridges

Type: Swing, Strauss Trunnion, Rolling Lift, Vertical Lift
Location: Various Locations
Owner: Norfolk Southern Corporation

Beginning in 2012, Stafford Bandlow Engineering performed a system-wide in-depth assessment of all 28 movable bridges in the NS system. SBE developed a report format acceptable to NS, as no preexisting format existed. The bridges inspected under this contract are generally vintage bridges with many of the bridges at, or approaching 100 years old. Some of the bridges have been updated, but many remain in nearly original condition.

Maintenance on the bridges has varied over the years and as a result the condition of the mechanical and electrical systems varies widely. Due to the age of the bridges much of the legacy technology requires inspection personnel with specific experience in technologies which are no longer being used. The bridge types inspected included vertical lift bridges, bascule bridges, and swing bridges of various types.

Mechanical inspections included span drive machinery, span lock machinery, centering device machinery, and span support machinery. Electrical inspections included the incoming electric utility service, standby power service and all bridge power and control systems. Inspected elements included, transformers, automatic transfer switches, motor control centers, switchgear, motors (including brush gear), limit switches and other field feedback devices, conduit and wiring, control desk, communications systems, house lighting, maintenance lighting, navigation lighting and other electrical parts.