Pretoria Lift Bridge

Pretoria Vertical Lift Bridge (Ontario, Canada)

Type: Inverted Vertical Lift Bridge
Location: Ontario, Canada
City of Ottawa

Stafford Bandlow Engineering provided mechanical and electrical engineering services as a sub-consultant to Delcan on this vertical lift bridge. The bridge is 27.4 meters long and 20.4 meters wide and rises 5 meters to allow for the passage of marine traffic on the Rideau Canal.

Initially SBE’s work on this project involved the in-depth inspection and assessment of the mechanical and electrical systems. Subsequently Delcan was retained with SBE as sub-consultant to conduct emergency work and to provide plans specifications and cost estimates for the recommendations provided in our inspection and analysis report. The work was divided into three phases.

The SBE portion of the Phase 1 work was primarily mechanical in nature and involved the replacement of the main counterweight sheaves, trunnions and wire rope and end terminations. This work was done on an emergency basis when it was discovered, through our analysis, that the main counterweight sheave trunnions were severely overstressed and potentially subject to fatigue failure. Phase 1 was completed in 2006.

The SBE portion of the Phase 2 work included span balancing and counterweight guide shoe replacement. This work was completed in 2007.

Phase 3 includes significant electrical modifications and upgrades, span locks, span guides, live load supports and a unique traffic barrier. Phase 3 was completed in 2010.