Route 1 Devon Emergency Bearing Repair

Route 1 Devon Emergency Bearing Repair (Milford, CT)

Type: Trunnion Bascule
Location: Milford, CT
Client: Connecticut Department of Transportation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel provided inspection and engineering support on an emergency basis to assist CTDOT and contractor personnel with repairs at the Route 1 Devon Bridge (CTDOT Bridge No. 00327).  As part of the biennial inspection program, two fractured rack pinion bearing mounting bolts were identified on one leaf, requiring that the bridge be taken out of service to navigation.  Location of the bridge downstream from a powerplant awaiting shipment of fuel by barge, necessitated the replacement of the fractured bolts and subsequent return to service on an emergency basis.

At the State’s direction, SBE inspected the failed bearing and identified that in addition to the two studs which had failed outright, the remaining studs had suffered damage due to cap displacement following the initial stud failure and that the rack pinion shaft alignment had been affected.  SBE recommended that all studs be replaced to ensure future integrity and devised a work-plan to relocate the skewed cap and correct the shaft alignment.  SBE coordinated the proposed work-plan with the State’s emergency contractor and developed an agreed upon action plan.  SBE subsequently worked with State and contractor personnel over the ensuing thirty-five-hour period to implement the work plan and return the bridge to service.