Saugatuck Bridge Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Saugatuck Bridge Hurricane Sandy Recovery (Westport, CT)

Type: Swing
Location: Westport, CT
Connecticut Department of Transportation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel were tasked with providing services for the recovery of the storm damaged bridge. The scope of these services included determining the magnitude of the damage to the electrical systems, developing a recovery plan for the bridge and designing and specifying the recovery work. The re-design included specifying replacement equipment, developing an environmentally hardened installation and relocating and re-designing the electrical systems to combat future storms.

SBE’s evaluation of the damaged systems concluded that a complete electrical rehabilitation and re-design was necessary to not only repair the damage but to ensure that such catastrophic damage would not occur with future Mega storms.

The work involved the procurement of properly specified equipment capable of combating the harsh environment and being capable of submersion.

The electrical system re-design included elevating all electrical equipment above the revised one-hundred-year storm height, modifying the existing power and control system to reinforce its ability to recover following a major storm event and including innovative approaches to protect cabling and equipment.

The assignment included overseeing the construction work to ensure it met the designed environmental and storm hardening criteria and performing submersion and hose down tests on the completed installation.