U.S. Route 1 Memorial Bridge

Memorial Bridge (Portsmouth, NH)

Type:  Span Drive Vertical Lift Bridge
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Owner:  New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel provided engineering support services to the prime contractor on this design build project to replace an existing Waddell type vertical lift bridge with a new vertical lift bridge.  Engineering services included review of mechanical and electrical design drawings and specifications and verification of machinery operating loads and machinery capacity. Services also included preparation of machinery installation and alignment procedures including counterweight sheave trunnion installation, resolution of various issues throughout construction, shop inspection, assistance with preparation of bridge float-in and start–up procedures, wire rope installation and testing procedures and strain gage testing to determine span balance and operating loads.  SBE personnel were on-site for several weeks prior to the float-in and during the float-in and initial operations of the bridge.