Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge (Alexandria, VA)

Type:  Quadruple-Double Leaf Trunnion Bascule
Location: Alexandria, VA and Oxon Hill, MD
Owner:  Virginia Department of Transportation and Maryland Department of Transportation

Stafford Bandlow Engineering personnel worked as a sub-consultant to the Prime Contractor for the construction of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bascule Bridge that carries the Capital Beltway (I-95/495) across the Potomac River between Alexandria, VA and Oxon Hill, MD.

SBE performed complete calculations to balance all eight leaves of this new trunnion bascule bridge.  This work included all weight take-offs, providing assistance with developing construction staging, and the design of the counterweight.  SBE’s counterweight design substituted steel to reduce the amount of required lead that was identified in the Contract Plans.  By incorporating this substitution into the counterweight design, SBE helped the Contractor to achieve substantial cost savings

Satisfactory final balance was achieved for all eight leaves through an initial balance test using the dynamic strain gage method to determine the as-constructed balance condition and implementing minor weight changes using loose adjusting blocks in the counterweight pockets.  SBE performed all of the strain gage balance tests, directed all weight changes and provided formal reports documenting the final balance of each leaf.