Complete and thorough inspections are essential to the long-term reliable and safe operation of a movable bridge.  To be effective and a valuable return on investment, inspections must be led by experienced personnel with a thorough understanding of movable bridge operating systems and the inter-relation of the electrical, mechanical, and structural subsystems. All of our team members are familiar with the “Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance Manual” published by AASHTO, AREMA standards and best practices for railway engineering, and OSHA safety training.

Stafford Bandlow Engineering offers:

  • Inspectors who work exclusively on movable bridges and who are fully versed in the design, troubleshooting, testing, and construction of both legacy and modern technology of movable bridge systems
  • Cursory, Semi in-depth, and In-depth inspections
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic expertise
  • Coordination with bridge operator and maintenance personnel (responsible for day-to-day maintenance and operating systems)
  • Monitoring of channel activity to minimize disruption of normal bridge operation
  • Comprehensive reports with photo documentation, recommended repairs, and cost estimates
  • Timely deficiency and condition memos and letters to highlight issues that require near-term action