Span Balancing

Proper span balance is essential to the satisfactory operation of movable bridges.  Our engineers have extensive experience performing dynamic strain gage and hydraulic pressure balance testing with demonstrated results.  Successful balance testing is dependent upon a combination of proper application of equipment in the field as well as proper analysis of the system being testing in order to relate test data to expected loads. We have the expertise to perform the technical analysis for the system being analyzed to determine the theoretical and expected loads as well as the practical skill to successfully install strain gages and perform testing and data collection in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Stafford Bandlow Engineering offers:

  • On-site analysis with immediate direction of weight changes to achieve a specified balance condition
  • Wireless telemetry equipment to collect strain data for shafts that rotate at high speed
  • All the tools and equipment necessary for strain gage installation as well as amplifiers and data acquisition units to record shaft strains during operation
  • The technical expertise to determine the theoretical loads in the instrumented equipment

In addition to bridge balance, we have applied our testing experience and skills to:

  • Drive train load analysis
  • Frictional troubleshooting
  • Operational start-up assistance for verification of initial loads
  • Drive train tuning to optimize electrical control inputs
  • Load determination in structural elements
  • Hydraulic testing
  • Balance calculations