Wire Rope Inspections

Wire ropes are used on many movable bridges and heavy movable structures as either a primary support component or an operating component. While the code specified safety factors for wire ropes are typically ample, failure of a wire rope can result in loss of control and/or loss of support of a structure, and can result in significant damage to property and/or the public. SBE has technical expertise gained through extensive experience working with wire ropes in field applications to verify integrity and loading, to ensure proper handling during installation and to ensure proper installation.

Stafford Bandlow Engineering offers:

  • Assessment of rope integrity and remaining life through measurement of rope diameters and wear flats
  • Documentation of wire breaks (including location and type), adequacy of lubrication, and extent of corrosion on problematic areas of movable bridge rope installations
  • Measurement of rope tensions and direction of tension adjustments to meet target tension tolerances to ensure uniform loading of ropes within a given rope group
  • Assistance with rope length measurements, calculation of anticipated rope stretch and determination of required jacking height necessary to facilitate rope replacement